Founded in 1981, Pro Mold began as a small manufacturer of custom injected plastic products.  Today, we have grown into a world-class manufacturer - one of the most respected custom injection molders and mold makers in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our growth has been fueled by an unyielding commitment to meet our customers requirements (our QMS was certified to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003) combined with aggressive cost containment and truly superior service.  Our engineering staff will work with you on new or existing designs to improve productivity resulting in lower manufacturing costs.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries including appliances, communications, computer/test products, medical, packaging, construction and agricultural.

Overmolding has enjoyed tremendous popularity because of the functional flexibility it affords designers and engineers.  Pro Mold has become a leader in its applications.  Overmolding bonds an elastomeric "skin" to a previously injection molded structural substrate providing better grip and durability.  Additionally, overmolded products benefit from excellent noise and vibration dampening.

Insert molding is another unique molding operation at which Pro Mold excels.  We insert mold various components (such as pins, fasteners, connectors, etc.) during the injection molding process.  The finished item then has two parts in one - a non-plastic component molded into a plastic item.

We are committed to serving our customers in every way possible to assure the success of their project through cooperative development, cost reduction efforts, tooling transfers or simply ongoing production.  Pro Mold is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

How can we help your company to be successful?  Contact us and find out.

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